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Consistent Social Media

June 8, 2017 0 By: GayleHope

Why is consistency in social media important? Maintaining consistent social media accounts can be time consuming and difficult, but once you’ve made the commitment to get on board, it’s important to stay on top of things. Many times, potential customers and clients will go to your webpage and your social media pages to get a better understanding of who you are before they ever call you. If you are using social media to help your business, it is necessary to post frequently and consistently. Consistent Social Media

It makes sense to utilize the various social media platforms because it is a cost efficient way to advertise a company’s product. It’s also important to only take on those platforms that fit with your target market and that you can manage consistently.

Consistent social media is more than just about the message you are sending.

It also applies to the following:

Tone: Don’t be too casual in some updates and too professional in others. A consistent tone in your tweets, posts and updates is important. It’s best to simply use your own voice. It will resonate with your audience and make them feel like they know you better.

Timing: There’s a lot to be said about when is the best time to post on social media. While there is really no true good answer, its best to determine the time of your posting and stick to that. Post in the mornings, afternoons, evenings or a mix, but stay consistent with your time.

Frequency: Make sure you are staying consistent with your posting schedule. If you are posting once a day or a few times a week, stick with the same schedule.

Message: Be consistent in the type of information you’re sharing. If you’re building thought leadership by sharing news articles, then do that regularly. If you have a #MotivationMonday, a #TipTuesday or a #FunFactFriday, keep it up.

Just one final note. Consistent social media shouldn’t come at the price of flexibility. Continue to experiment with different social media tactics, and consider re-evaluating your strategy once in a while, but don’t let a haphazard approach confuse people. Remember, social media engagement can be a tortoiselike game. But with a consistent schedule, the results will come.

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