What is Content Marketing?

April 23, 2020 0 By: GayleHope

Exactly what is content marketing? Content marketing is the discipline of creating quality branded editorial content across all media channels and platforms. It delivers engaging relationships, consumer value and measurable success for brands.

It means creating and sharing valuable content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers. You use it to educate people to know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you.

Why do we use Content Marketing?

First, a growing number of people don’t want advertising when making purchasing decisions. They want valuable information. Good content gives them the space and freedom to meander through your website and learn your business or product.

Next, a good piece of content spreads through social networks, email marketing platforms, YouTube and your website. It generates powerful word-of-mouth exposure for savvy content marketers.

Last, it’s content that people desire and seek out, and it’s great content that Google wants to rank well in the search results so those people can find your business.

What defines ‘Great Content’?

The main thing that you need to look for in content is relevancy and usefulness. It should be relevant and useful to your target audience and should represent your business’s expertise. The idea is for you to be the expert in your field and for your content to show that your product or service will solve the problem that the website visitor has.

An architect might regularly blog about new design trends to boost website traffic. A computer software company could offer how-to videos for solving common IT problems. Other forms of content are things like podcasts, product reviews, testimonial videos, press releases and great product photography.

Used well, content marketing can help build awareness of, and trust in, your company.

How do I get my content out there?

First, you want to make sure you have a nice orderly place for all of this great content on your website. It needs to be organized efficiently so that your visitors have a pleasant experience. Then, if you’ve done your target market research, you’ll find the places where they are most likely to hang out and post your content there. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ Houzz or any other relevant social media platform, in email newsletters, on YouTube channels, in print advertising, or fly it behind a plane down the beach. However you do it, just be sure you’ve studied your target market. That you’ll get the best bang for your marketing dollars. Ours don’t grow on trees and I’m sure yours don’t either.

Let us know if you have questions – we are glad to answer anytime.

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